June 1, 2009

From sewing for the home to sewing for ME!

I haven't made myself a garment in YEARS. (With the two exceptions of a top that resembled a bandana for my 2001 sorority barn dance and plaid skirts for my roommate and I for Halloween costumes circa 2003, but considering those were each worn ONCE, they don't count!) Hopefully this dress will come out as nicely as some of the 4-H projects of years past, but be worn much, much more!

I love these long, flowy dresses, but I haven't been able to find one that I like in an affordable price range. Just as I was giving up that I just wasn't going to be hip this summer, this pattern fell into my blogosphere! So, why not? The worst that could happen? It's a failure and I salvage what I can of the fabric to make a purse!

And the great fabric? It's called "Charleston" and is by the Alexander Henry Collection. I picked it out at The Needle Shop - a great fabric resource I just discovered in Bucktown. It's conveniently-located down the block from my church - God wanted me to have this fabric, didn't he!?!

Bets on how far I get before I cry "mommy!" with this project?? I'm hoping to start in on it this weekend. Mom's planning a visit in a few weeks - whew!!

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