June 24, 2009

Disappearing Quilt Blocks

Don't worry, my quilt project didn't disappear - but the generic 9-patch blocks I originally created did! I found a very old blog post somewhere that described how to spin a traditional, boring 9-patch block into something really cool. Since that blogger is no longer blogging, I'll give my version of the directions here:

1.) Create traditional 9-patch blocks (If you don't know, a nine patch block is nine squares of any identical size - three in each row)

2.) Once it's all together, you "square it up" - which means you take off that quarter-inch seam allowance from the outer four sides and make sure all your blocks are equal and straight and perfect

3.) Cut your blocks each in half one way, then half the other creating four new blocks

4.) Rearrange to get a really cool, funky design!

Oh so fun!

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