June 19, 2009

A Big Surprise!

I've been offered a lot of family heirloom pieces of late.  My dad and his sisters are getting my grandmother's house ready to sell, and as they move furniture around, I'm getting offered a lot that they don't want.  I always knew that a rocking chair that had rocked four generations of my dad's family was mine, but I had no idea I would be given the opportunity to have more - even a bed and this great secretary!  

If you look past the garage setting of this picture, I think this piece has a lot of character - and it is coming up with my parents next weekend!  I'm really excited to put it in the dining room.  It'll be a nice to have the extra storage, and that room really needed another piece of furniture.  I can't paint it pink or blue like I had planned to do with something I found at a garage sale or the Salvation Army, but I'm thinking I could put adhesive gift wrap on the back of the shelves (I've already found a few I like on Hallmark.com) - and may look for new hardware down the road to give it an updated look and feel.  

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