May 29, 2009

Long Overdue...

So much has been going on with the move and decorating the new apartment, but, sadly, AT&T has taken nearly a month to get my home phone and Internet set up and I have not been able to share it with you. With work really picking up, blogging from the office hasn’t been possible, either. So, I’ve had to abandon you, my few loyal readers, and for that I’m very sorry.

Yesterday I finally got a great technician out to the house that was able to fix the problem. Thank you, kind sir, for being so helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Because of you – after nearly 20 phone calls, a zillion voice prompts, supposedly four technician site visits, a customer service person who didn’t know the difference between a modem and a router and now a bill twice what I was told it would be when I set up the service, I'm up and running – kind of. My wireless router isn’t working, but my IT support is in Italy and her beagle is with me, meaning there’s no way I’m going to be able to fix it on my own. But, I’m connected – that’s all that matters!

My Apple baby and I will be back on Flickr, Blogger and more this weekend. Until then, I leave you with a photo something I showed off when I first purchased it at Target – my Victoria Hagan Perfect Pieces pear. It’s now found a permanent home on my coffee table – and while watching one of those TV decorating shows where the helpless guest picks a piece that defines their style for the designer’s inspiration, I decided this pear would be my item. It’s white (my favorite crisp decorating color), organic in shape, yet glossy and clean. Exquisite!
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