April 20, 2009

A Window into My World

As I just posted, I spent Sunday afternoon painting my Craigslist-find table white. To do that, I moved almost everything out of the living space and into the bedrooms. What couldn’t be moved was covered in plastic tarp. Trust me, this is a necessary step if you’ll be using spray primers. Spray primers create a lot of dust. After cleaning up all that dust, I made what I could out of my living room for the next few weeks. (My new sofa is still in its packaging along with the other new pieces I’ve purchased.) My roommate’s things are all gone, so I’m living “rough” until next Thursday.

But, that didn’t stop me from creating a little vignette in the corner to relax, watch TV and write to do lists. That’s a little sneak peak into the new living room! Also in view, the table (it’s curing, I don’t want to touch it – or move it for that matter – until next week!) and my sewing supplies. Those will be put to good use when I’m not packing these next few days. Pillows need to be made for the new sofa and my new bedding look.

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