April 24, 2009

What do these rooms all have in common?

These images, borrowed from several of my favorite blogs (along with many, many other shots I've coveted of late) all have one thing in common. Any guesses? Besides the framed art in various formats (a clear obsession of mine), they all have natural woven rugs.
So, you know where this is going. I found one, too! (Thanks again to Target's fabulous online home selection and free shipping.) I've been struggling to find a rug that will ground the furniture in the living room without being overwhelming. I've got quite the mural of wall art planned, my splurge of a yellow chair and other little touches, so I don't want to overdo it. My initial lust rug was just too much - too much yellow, and probably too much pattern, too. (And quite frankly, too much money!!)
A simple, natural rug seems to be the way the pros are doing it - and I think it's a good choice. I was worried about it being too casual, but these shots all prove that if anything it adds a welcoming look that's not too beachy/natural when paired with traditional furnishings.
Less than a week until the move!!!

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