April 5, 2009

Happy Sigh

This weekend was a busy one.  My roommate packed up the last of her stuff, we sorted through and organized all our kitchen business and hauled her half on down the street.  I also went to IKEA to purchase a few items for the new place (staying close to budget!!) with a good friend and had yet another fun installment of my dinner club!!  

But, the best part of the weekend was putting the finishing touches on my latest labor of love - this quilt made entirely of the new Ana Marie Horner fabrics I fell in love with upon first glance.  I modified an Amy Butler pattern I found online, not entirely on purpose.  I made it a bit bigger, and I also took a few creative liberties due to my inability to follow what this novice quilter felt were totally incomplete directions.  But, despite a few moments of questioning my ability to use a ruler, it all turned out - and just in time to have it ready to take home next weekend so my momma can help me sandwich all the layers together and get it basted into place.  

Happy Sunday!  Have a blessed Holy Week.  (Dinner club pictures soon!)  

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