April 29, 2009


If you can't read that, I'm not sure if I can, visit the350project.net. The jist? If everyone employed in America spent $50 a month at locally-owned shops, our economy - and our communities - would be in darned good shape. I know I'm bad about shopping big box, and they need money, too, but this has got me thinking I should shop more locally. I do love boutiques and summer weather to walk around Andersonville and Lincoln Park and Old Town and more is just around the corner!

Outlook Not Good - Hopes Still High

This is the forecast for tomorrow's move in Chicago. Hmmmm... Looks like we'll be getting a bit wet. Hopefully the rain will stay away tomorrow between, oh, about 1 and 2:30. We'll stay dry at the old place where the loading dock is covered. The new place is a different story. Chicago neighborhood life, here I come - wet possessions and all!

April 24, 2009

What do these rooms all have in common?

These images, borrowed from several of my favorite blogs (along with many, many other shots I've coveted of late) all have one thing in common. Any guesses? Besides the framed art in various formats (a clear obsession of mine), they all have natural woven rugs.
So, you know where this is going. I found one, too! (Thanks again to Target's fabulous online home selection and free shipping.) I've been struggling to find a rug that will ground the furniture in the living room without being overwhelming. I've got quite the mural of wall art planned, my splurge of a yellow chair and other little touches, so I don't want to overdo it. My initial lust rug was just too much - too much yellow, and probably too much pattern, too. (And quite frankly, too much money!!)
A simple, natural rug seems to be the way the pros are doing it - and I think it's a good choice. I was worried about it being too casual, but these shots all prove that if anything it adds a welcoming look that's not too beachy/natural when paired with traditional furnishings.
Less than a week until the move!!!

April 20, 2009

A Window into My World

As I just posted, I spent Sunday afternoon painting my Craigslist-find table white. To do that, I moved almost everything out of the living space and into the bedrooms. What couldn’t be moved was covered in plastic tarp. Trust me, this is a necessary step if you’ll be using spray primers. Spray primers create a lot of dust. After cleaning up all that dust, I made what I could out of my living room for the next few weeks. (My new sofa is still in its packaging along with the other new pieces I’ve purchased.) My roommate’s things are all gone, so I’m living “rough” until next Thursday.

But, that didn’t stop me from creating a little vignette in the corner to relax, watch TV and write to do lists. That’s a little sneak peak into the new living room! Also in view, the table (it’s curing, I don’t want to touch it – or move it for that matter – until next week!) and my sewing supplies. Those will be put to good use when I’m not packing these next few days. Pillows need to be made for the new sofa and my new bedding look.

The White is Right!

The white was definitely right. I had initial aspirations of the table being dark mahogany with white chairs. The eclectic dream was put away when the table sucked all the stain unevenly and created a brown blotchy nightmare. Fast forward several months when I FINALLY had a full day (albeit a sick day) with no other plans and the apartment to myself. It’s now almost done!! Stupid table still sucks up everything I put on it, so a few spots need a bit more white and then the top is getting a nice poly covering so it can withstand lots of wear and tear. And, just in time to cure before the big move!!!


April 5, 2009

Happy Sigh

This weekend was a busy one.  My roommate packed up the last of her stuff, we sorted through and organized all our kitchen business and hauled her half on down the street.  I also went to IKEA to purchase a few items for the new place (staying close to budget!!) with a good friend and had yet another fun installment of my dinner club!!  

But, the best part of the weekend was putting the finishing touches on my latest labor of love - this quilt made entirely of the new Ana Marie Horner fabrics I fell in love with upon first glance.  I modified an Amy Butler pattern I found online, not entirely on purpose.  I made it a bit bigger, and I also took a few creative liberties due to my inability to follow what this novice quilter felt were totally incomplete directions.  But, despite a few moments of questioning my ability to use a ruler, it all turned out - and just in time to have it ready to take home next weekend so my momma can help me sandwich all the layers together and get it basted into place.  

Happy Sunday!  Have a blessed Holy Week.  (Dinner club pictures soon!)  
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