March 30, 2009

Sunshine and Pedestal Tables on a Cloudy Day

I spent the weekend with a free online room planner, catalogs, magazines and inspiration files creating each of my rooms and playing with my teeny tiny budget. You see, I want a high-style, low-price grown-up apartment. Sound too good to be true? Probably so. But, I think I’ve convinced myself that it’s a home that’s going to grow over time, therefore there aren’t too many things I’m going to buy right off the bat. I need a sofa, a large office desk big enough for both my crafting and computing, a bed frame for my guest room and a few wall shelves and frames for art I’ve purchased and not yet framed to date. Other than that though, there’s now a “HOLD YOUR HORSES” mantra in place!! The shopping lists are now solid, and no crazy it’ll-never-look-like-grown-up-furniture-but-the-price-is-right online purchases had been made.... until now.

I happen to have a little free time this week and started up my search again for a pedestal side table between tasks at the office. Low and behold, the one I originally loved on was now super clearanced – less than half the original price! It comes fully assembled, says it’s solid and the reviews are good. So, I might have clicked “add to cart.”

And then, well, if I were to spend, say, another $80, I’d get an additional percentage off shipping. So, I clicked around for about 30 seconds. What did I find? EXACTLY what I wanted for the bathroom!! A white and glass cabinet to store my hairdryer, straightener, make-up and other necessities. Originally $179, it was marked down to, you guessed it, roughly $80. And, again, the reviews were good, and also from the recent Home Design Event, which overall got lots of nods in the blogosphere for style and quality, so I feel good about my purchases.

The stars were aligned and Father God in Heaven surely was smiling down on me. (After getting left behind by two busses this morning, I needed a pick-me-up.) Once they arrive I’ll attest to the quality, but until then, I’m a happy girl. A very happy girl, in fact, who now promises to not buy another single thing on the Internet until May!

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