March 4, 2009

Gifting Fun

My Etsy obsession has once again resulted in some good! My mom loved her apron, complete with chicken!! I always try to give my mom something she either wouldn't spend the money on, or wouldn't ever find on her own. This gift features her favorite creature - the chicken - and will go to good use. Mom's always in the kitchen when we're all home!

Mom has taught hundreds if not thousands of teenagers to cook over the years. She was a home economics teacher for many, many years, and now spends most of her time with special education students. She really has a gift to teach in a way that reaches the challenged just as effectively as the gifted.

I hope this gift is used as she imparts her cooking skills on our next generation.

Speaking of, Zoe also loved her gift from Aunt Emi! I gave her Cranium's Hullabaloo - an amazing game that gets kids active, following audible directions, recognizing shapes, colors and grouping similar objects. And did I mention oh so fun?!?!? Happy fourth birthday my love!!

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