March 30, 2009

Sunshine and Pedestal Tables on a Cloudy Day

I spent the weekend with a free online room planner, catalogs, magazines and inspiration files creating each of my rooms and playing with my teeny tiny budget. You see, I want a high-style, low-price grown-up apartment. Sound too good to be true? Probably so. But, I think I’ve convinced myself that it’s a home that’s going to grow over time, therefore there aren’t too many things I’m going to buy right off the bat. I need a sofa, a large office desk big enough for both my crafting and computing, a bed frame for my guest room and a few wall shelves and frames for art I’ve purchased and not yet framed to date. Other than that though, there’s now a “HOLD YOUR HORSES” mantra in place!! The shopping lists are now solid, and no crazy it’ll-never-look-like-grown-up-furniture-but-the-price-is-right online purchases had been made.... until now.

I happen to have a little free time this week and started up my search again for a pedestal side table between tasks at the office. Low and behold, the one I originally loved on was now super clearanced – less than half the original price! It comes fully assembled, says it’s solid and the reviews are good. So, I might have clicked “add to cart.”

And then, well, if I were to spend, say, another $80, I’d get an additional percentage off shipping. So, I clicked around for about 30 seconds. What did I find? EXACTLY what I wanted for the bathroom!! A white and glass cabinet to store my hairdryer, straightener, make-up and other necessities. Originally $179, it was marked down to, you guessed it, roughly $80. And, again, the reviews were good, and also from the recent Home Design Event, which overall got lots of nods in the blogosphere for style and quality, so I feel good about my purchases.

The stars were aligned and Father God in Heaven surely was smiling down on me. (After getting left behind by two busses this morning, I needed a pick-me-up.) Once they arrive I’ll attest to the quality, but until then, I’m a happy girl. A very happy girl, in fact, who now promises to not buy another single thing on the Internet until May!

March 28, 2009

Hello gorgeous!

I brought my baby home last night.  Isn't she a beaut?  LOVE the Merchandise Mart sample sale!!!!  Thanks CAI Designs!  She's going to look fabulous in my new living room, and give my IKEA/World Market living room much-needed high-end flair.  

March 27, 2009

Bright Skies Are Coming!

I've been away from blogging. While I have been traveling (to both Charleston, S.C. and Dallas), it's no excuse! Things are looking up here in Chicago, and I have a lot of fun projects and home decor ideas in the works for the new apartment. Stay tuned!! The big move is next month!!

March 4, 2009

Gifting Fun

My Etsy obsession has once again resulted in some good! My mom loved her apron, complete with chicken!! I always try to give my mom something she either wouldn't spend the money on, or wouldn't ever find on her own. This gift features her favorite creature - the chicken - and will go to good use. Mom's always in the kitchen when we're all home!

Mom has taught hundreds if not thousands of teenagers to cook over the years. She was a home economics teacher for many, many years, and now spends most of her time with special education students. She really has a gift to teach in a way that reaches the challenged just as effectively as the gifted.

I hope this gift is used as she imparts her cooking skills on our next generation.

Speaking of, Zoe also loved her gift from Aunt Emi! I gave her Cranium's Hullabaloo - an amazing game that gets kids active, following audible directions, recognizing shapes, colors and grouping similar objects. And did I mention oh so fun?!?!? Happy fourth birthday my love!!

March 3, 2009

I gave in to Etsy..... again!!!

It was only $25. I seem to say that a lot these days.

Ooops. But, the "sunny yellow" silk-screened print reproduction of a WW2 classic poster will look fabulous in my still-TBD new place. I'm bringing in lots of yellow accents, and with the Dow lower than it's been since I was in middle school today, I thought this was a good message to be reminded of on a daily basis. Ok, I've been looking for an excuse for months, I won't lie.

Won't it look nice with this Obama print and some of my own photography?

I'll add the frame to my ever-growing IKEA shopping list!! Who wants to drive to Bollingbrook?

My Domino Inspiration #1

Does this look similar to something familiar? Yep, it's my bedroom! This photo last spring totally inspired me to do my all-white-with-hints-of-color bedroom last year, and there are two current contests for people who have used Domino as their design inspiration. Too bad I don't have a Zebra rug in my version, but I think I'm going to enter anyways.
Wish me luck!

March 2, 2009

Being Neighborly

Last night's drive back to the city was rough. It was dark, wet, cold and the snow was blowing. I'm not a fan of driving in beautiful weather, so when I finally squeezed my rental perfectly between two other cars on the street next to my building's side entrance, I couldn't have been happier and more relieved.

I looked up, and noticed my neighbor, the monster, looking out for me and welcoming me home. Now, I happen to have two other "monsters" for neighbors, but this one will truly be missed. The others, well, they can keep their marital fighting and very loud late-night video gaming.

Oh monster, I'm going to miss you!!!
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