February 25, 2009

Which Way to the Weight Room?

Tommy Boy reference anyone? Anyone? A bit off topic today, but it's Ash Wednesday. I've never been big at giving up something for Lent. In the Methodist and Prebyterian traditions it's rarely the focus of Lenten sermons and I've always found it hard to compare giving up chocolate for 40 days to the ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross. But the social pressures to do so seem to mount this time of year and I hate being left out.

My best friend gives up soda every year, another is even giving up Facebook for 40 days. I've proven my addiction to caffeine can be calmed in 48 hours and there's no way I can live without social media, so this leaves me thinking that the best thing for me to promise this Lenten season is to treat my body right and work out for at least a half-hour EVERY day. Working out reduces my stress level, improves my mood and toning up can't hurt my self esteeem either. So, we'll see how this goes. The boss man is already on me like spandex to work out each and every day!

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