February 11, 2009

Still Inspired!

This shot from the last issue of now defunct Cottage Home still has me inspired. I didn't realize how much until I saw it in my "My Pictures" folder today!

The brown graphic print, the green on the white chairs, the white against the dark wood, the flowing curtains - all are being incorporated into current and future projects. Has me wondering what I'll do with so few good shelter magazines left and where my inspiration will come from. I'm following a whole host of talented bloggers, but there's something about setting up for an uninterupted night with a silented Blackberry, a glass of milk (or wine), the remote control, a snack and a stack of great magazines. I call it my "design porn." My friends call me silly. Regardless, here's hoping something comes up to fill the void being left behind, and that all my media friends in New York from my former PR life are weathering the storm. You're in my thoughts and prayers!!
If only tagging something in Delicious felt as good as bunny-earing a glossy magazine page. (Sigh) I digress.

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