February 7, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Recently I hosted my small group, an eclectic mix of young adults from my church that are getting to know each other and studying Habakkuk, too. We took a break from our study last week due to work travel schedules and such to just hang out and chat.

To celebrate the occasion, I made rice krispie treats, a snack I must say is not made and enjoyed by adult circles often enough. Easy, breezy and not that bad for you – I love the things. And, just to be cute (and not be TOO matchy-matchy as I have a tendency to pull out all my white ware when I entertain and be far too formal), I used my Rice Krispies bowl! I scored this awesome find at Dillard’s last spring. We use it for keys and bills most days. (Even if roomie doesn’t like it, she pretends!)

How cool is it that there are actually rice krispie treats in the rice krispies bowl?!?! It’s the little things that make me truly happy.

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