February 20, 2009

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I should be typing up focus group notes and observations and writing a very insightful report. Instead, I was reading my blogs - and stumbled across the most awesome thing ever!! A designer I hadn't heard of before, but now think is awesome, is giving away a new blog template next week!

I've entered, and am now spreading the word. I was looking into affordable ways to jazz up this site and break away from the freebie template, and this would be such an amazing gift!! It's my dream to use this blog to express all the creativity I have bursting inside of me and inspire others, too. I really believe in my heart that something big is going to happen in my life soon, and I'm really feeling a draw towards my creative side. Wouldn't a free design rehab just be amazing?!?!?

If you want to enter too (or put in a good word for me), Check out Penny Lane Designs. Marina sounds like a really awesome designer/wife/Christian/just plain cool girl, so even if you don't want to enter, check out her site!!

1 comment:

penny lane designs said...

What a sweet post. Thanks. :) I looked on craigslist for that table and couldn't find anything so far! I will keep checking though. I would imagine that is where I will end up finding it. One person's junk is anothers treasure I suppose...

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