February 12, 2009

Never Say Never

My parents bought me this sofa (my FIRST sofa ever) from IKEA in 2003. (My dad still talks about that shopping trip. He is NOT an IKEA customer – trust me on this, but that is a long story for another post.) Every year following I went to the High Point Furniture Market twice a year and lusted and planned and dreamed of replacing the Ektorp with something better – something sleek, maybe something armless, maybe something with a tufted back, it was always something different. But what never changed? I never bought another sofa. I’m in PR – I can’t afford thousands of dollars worth of furniture, even with a discount. Oh so sad. I did eventually purchase a white slipcover to spice it up, but that was it. And you know, that was enough to keep me happy.

Ektorp and I parted ways last spring when I moved in with my roommate. I sold him to a good home, and he now lives just blocks from his favorite home in the Gold Coast. (And I hear he’s wearing his beige coat again and is still in near-perfect condition.)

A year later, I’m thinking about how I’m going to decorate my still up-in-the-air apartment. What am I totally going to do? The unthinkable! I’m going back to the Ektorp family. This time I’m upgrading to the sleep sofa. Something tells me the extra money now will give me a lot more flexibility down the road. And, this time I hope I have room for it to have a friend. I have wanted a chaise lounge for years!!

I guess it just goes to show – never say never!! I never thought, despite the quality and classic lines of this sofa group, I’d be willing to buy it yet again. But, here I am, in a recession and leaning towards something tried-and-true. Ikea, I heart you!

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