February 9, 2009

The Cow in the Room

Might as well be an elephant. Animal prints in the home (or my closet) are not something I’ve considered since the Express leopard tube-top dress circa 2001. (And even that was on clearance!) Alas, I had a hunkering for heifer print, and it literally fell in front of me at the fabric store. I couldn’t resist. Somehow there's really nothing slutty to me about cow print (always my fear of leopard and zebra), however I am concerned about it being somewhat tacky.

So, now what do I do with a yard of heifer cow print? I could make a cuddly pillow, upholster something with it, make a quilt? Hide it away and forget I purchased it for $12.99? Thoughts??

Note: The cow isn’t totally random. My mom grew up on a farm that primarily raises cows, Holsteins and Heifers, I think. So, it’s a little bit o’ spunky heritage. An ode to the family farm and it makes me smile.

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