January 20, 2009


I've recently had a fascination with Etsy and homemade arts and crafts. Experts say we tend to lean towards homemade things during a recession. But while I would contribute the fact I'm trying to be financially responsible for purchasing an old table and chairs on Craigslist, I'm not necessarily sure that's the reason I'm playing on Etsy all day.

Here's a quick preview of recent purchases that will find their way into my new place! The stack of suitcases are great storage, and tall enough to be an endtable - all for $100! Next up, the canaries are random. But, my favorite purchases are random - and yellow! The set of four coasters will surely find a space in my new place! Next up, the Obama print. It's a limited edition from some guy in San Fran. I saw it on a blog this morning. I figure it will go nicely on a collage. I couldn't not have a little piece of history, especially one that's kinda funny and not too political looking. I got caught up in the moment, and reminds me of the big picture of George W at my Mamaw and Papaw's house!!

January 19, 2009

Chocolate Convinced Me...

Maybe I will do two chairs in chocolate brown fabric to play off the deep brown the table eventually will be. Less girly, a little more classic. Could still play off the light blue with accents and feed my recent fascination for zebra print with a chocolate and cream zebra rug, from the aforementioned Target Home Design Event or this beauty from West Elm. I am super happy with West Elm's rug quality! Hmmmm....

Fabric Fun!

I think I finally found an inexpensive, graphic print for my chairs! It's a Michael Miller print, and although I was tempted to switch my color scheme completely to accomodate a chocolate and white version, I love my three yards of Wild Bunches too much and it's hard for me to not be crazy and try to perfectly coordinate everything in an apartment.

So, here's a start to the potential new color scheme, using the Wild Bunches with blues, greens, yellow (Pantone's 2009 color of the year is Mimosa!) and greys as one of my many inspirations. I found this fun floral on a great quilting blog, True Up. It was designed by a Chicago-area team and was inspired by the Garfield Park Conservatory right here in Chicagoland. Pretty cool, huh? I think it will be a throw pillow, quilt back (eventually) and could show up in some other places. I'm not sure yet.

January 18, 2009

Project Apartment 09 - Step 1

I purchased a table and four chairs on Craigslist before the holidays for a mere $100. What a find! The table has great lines, it's real solid wood and most importantly, it's a drop-leaf with two extra leaves, meaning no matter how small my next apartment may be, it will fit in its smallest form. BUT, I also can open it up and put the leaves in for dinner parties and holidays to seat TEN. (You may not be able to do anything else in the space, but hey, I've learned parties revolve around food and drink, so who cares?) My first dinner party went pretty darn well if I do say so myself, so I'm super excited to give this table a work-out over the next, oh lifetime. (This sucker is going to be a work of love over the next month or two, I'm not sure I'll EVER want to part with it!)

So, today, I went to my local South Loop THD and purchased gel stripper, drop clothes and all the other supplies I could find. (Note I'll be headed to my old neighborhood ACE Hardware today to pick up what I couldn't find on my own. God bless the boys at Ace on Maple!!)

I'm starting small with the chairs. Hoping to finish the first two this week while my roommate is on an island. She's sensitive to fumes, so I hope to do as much of this while she's out of the house as possible. Of course, I did purchase her a mask for when she is home as a joke (he he he). The first two chairs might only take a week, but that table is going to be a process!

The last two photos in the slideshow? I finally saw what everyone else has been talking about with the Home Design Event at Target. I wasn't as impressed in person as I had been in the blogosphere, but I didn't leave empty-handed. (Can one walk out of Target without making a purchase? I think not.) I picked up a Mr. Bubble bubble bath, a white ceramic pear (random, I know, but I LOVE it) and this organic-shape wire bowl thing. I think it will eventually be white, but for now, it's holding my bananas. Until I eat them all tomorrow!! (That's another story.)

Back to stripping.....
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