November 21, 2008

STUFFED: Recipe for Success

Take four fabulous PR ladies, three significant others (guess which one flew solo...), and roughly seven courses of fabulous homemade gourmet food with perfect wine pairings and what do you get? An AMAZING evening and one completely stuffed blogger!! Words cannot describe the fabulous food the Plaxo's prepared this evening. I'm now super nervous about my turn at hosting "usc" in December!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, even though my mind has raced forward to Christmas long before turkey day crossed my mind, I wanted to add how thankful I am to have these lovely ladies and their mates in my life At one point this year I was questioning why I had spent roughly four whole years at my last job. Well, I'm certain one of those reasons was the opportunity to meet Jamie (and her husband Kellen), Holly (and her husband Michael) and Erin (and her mate Phil). I'm so thankful to have them all in my life, professionally and personally. And now, before getting too mushy, I am now going to enjoy my food comma and once again spring forward into dreams of sugar plums and white Christmases.....

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