October 21, 2008

How do you say success in French?

This past weekend was a blast as well as a success! First off, my partner-in-crime Peter and I pulled off an amazing show of local media relations for our pro bono project. The school saw attendance at the event more than TRIPLE - from 700 attendees last year to more than 2,400!! And, more importantly revenue brought in by the event was DOUBLE the school's goal!! I landed a more than three minute segment on NBC 5, a great placement on one of my personal favorite design blogs, a hit in the Chicago Tribune as well as two placements in RedEye.... just to name a few! Did I mention Streetwise!?! I'm so excited to have made a difference for such a wonderful school!

I'm even more excited to share the photography from Holly and Michael's wedding on Saturday. I had the privilege of taking photos of the bride as she prepared for her big day, and took a few at the event as well. Holly and Michael were both glowing. Aren't they swell?

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