October 31, 2008

Guess what I was for Halloween!

a human pin cushion!  

Just joking, a little.  I stayed in tonight to make progress on my very first quilt.  I'm good at the piecing part, but I've never put all the layers together before.  Fingers crossed, please!  

October 27, 2008

Chuck E Cheese Fun

DSC_0518, originally uploaded by emmylou7.

This weekend was IU Homecoming, and I not only got to visit some of my favorite haunts with old college friends in Bloomington, Ind., but visit with my niece and nephew on the way back! My photos from the day have been posted to Flickr, but here’s a sneak peak!

October 21, 2008

How do you say success in French?

This past weekend was a blast as well as a success! First off, my partner-in-crime Peter and I pulled off an amazing show of local media relations for our pro bono project. The school saw attendance at the event more than TRIPLE - from 700 attendees last year to more than 2,400!! And, more importantly revenue brought in by the event was DOUBLE the school's goal!! I landed a more than three minute segment on NBC 5, a great placement on one of my personal favorite design blogs, a hit in the Chicago Tribune as well as two placements in RedEye.... just to name a few! Did I mention Streetwise!?! I'm so excited to have made a difference for such a wonderful school!

I'm even more excited to share the photography from Holly and Michael's wedding on Saturday. I had the privilege of taking photos of the bride as she prepared for her big day, and took a few at the event as well. Holly and Michael were both glowing. Aren't they swell?

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